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Cat Automatic Drinking Water

Cat Automatic Drinking Water

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Important Details

Material: Plastic, Other Package Dimensions:

330 x 180 x 100 mm Product Dimensions:

Bowl is a product category.
HIPS is the material used.
Blue, white, green, pink, and yellow
1. The syphon automatic water renewal principle: the intelligent design of the water outlet to manage the height of the water level, accomplish the impact of automatic water replenishment, no matter how much water you drink, every mouthful is fresh water.
2. Ingenious sink dividers to keep dogs' oral hairs from getting wet when drinking water. The dividers have a water exit in the centre to keep dust, grime, and pet hair from entering the sink and polluting the water.

Size Specifications:

13cm food bowl diameter
Bowl depth: 5cm
11cm diameter water basin
Water bowl depth: 4.5cm
500ml water bottle capacity

Packing Checklist:

1 base + 1 water bowl + 1 food bowl + 2 water bottles

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